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Small Business and Solopreneur Coaching

Coaching is a relatively new profession that combines the best from psychology, business, philosophy, and other fields to benefit individuals, companies, entrepreneurs, managers, and others in reaching their fullest potential. Coaching can assist you in your relationships, personal and professional, facilitate the reaching of your goals and aspirations, and help you create the life you want. A great coach will help you think of options that you have yet to discover and implement actions that lead you down the path of change. Coaching is a creative and dynamic process that will allow you to follow your passions, improve your performance, enhance the quality of your life, and live your life grounded in your values. Coaching will help you reach further and accomplish more than you could on your own.

In addition to working with individuals who want to make changes and improve their lives through life coaching, I work with solo-entrepreneurs (solopreneurs) and professionals who run their own business or practice.  I also work with artists who make or want to make a living through their artistic endeavours, or be able to focus on their art while earning a living through other means. Over the years I have worked with writers, photographers, film makers, actors, and visual artists.

The coaching process will help you:

  • Define, clarify, and describe your goals
  • Explore, imagine, and brainstorm options
  • Identify and overcome obstacles that have held you back
  • Access wisdom, courage, and creativity that exist within you already
  • Develop short-term and long-term strategies to reach your goals
  • Create momentum, clarity of vision, and consistency
  • Take effective and focused actions that lead you along your path


Coaching will provide you with:

  • Feedback, insights, and guidance from a coach who truly cares about your success.
  • Tools, structure, and support to stay focused on the future and achieve results
  • A powerful alliance that will assist in your development and change, as you strive for balance and fulfillment


What are your goals?

Coaching can address any and all aspects of your life including:

  • Work/profession/career
  • Money and financial issues
  • Physical and psychological health
  • Overall enjoyment and quality of life


The kinds of goals we might work on together include:

  1. Move forward in your artistic career/endeavors
  2. Prioritize/complete actions and projects
  3. De-clutter and simplify your life
  4. Strive toward work-life balance
  5. Marketing your services or product
  6. Align your life with your values
  7. Get your life in order (health, finances, etc.)
  8. Make big decisions
  9. Implement self-care strategies